30 minutes

Thirty minutes was all that it took to take me from a mental state of being in perfect calm to a to a state of despair,anger and total melancholy.

Hi,I’m Vickers and this is my first post here…so do not expect anything awesome ( this guy is ), don’t expect anything incredible (this other guy is ) …..

Right! Now that we’ve done the introductions…….back to the topic

*playing throughout the post is the instrumental of Big Sean’s Control *

It all started last week Thursday when I checked my exam timetable for the date of the last paper.I saw that it was on Saturday,then I jumped on my bed and tweeted the day away while listening to the responses to Kendrick. Basically,the same thing happened the next day. My mind was at rest, as calm as a newborn baby sleeping….(u get ? I don’t think you do….it was as calm as a newborn baby sleeping in a cot in a quiet beach with a gentle lullaby playing from a record player…………with nobody around him #extendedmetaphorLol) .
I prepared for the exam and slept like a baby…….or like the baby I described above. Then I waited for the school bus to come ….but it didn’t come.Other students left for the exam…but I waited having faith,waiting patiently……till about 30 minutes to the exam,it dawned on me that the bus wasn’t coming.

*Control instrumental stops playing abruptly*

I then unplugged my earphones and started searching frantically for a bus to convey me to school (if you haven’t guessed that I stay far from school,then SMH for u) . For ten minutes of pure torture and despair,I searched and searched.But I was unlucky and afraid…..I was so sad and angry….but there was nothing I could do.
(I wished then I had Flash’s powers…..ok Flash’s own is too much….maybe Hulk…….no not be run to school,but to beat up…..myself…I was that delusional)

Then my miracle came .

* “I’m on top of the world,in front of the crowd” *

Only those DBanj’s lyrics can describe how I felt at that moment.I saw a brandnew chaffeur-driven Limousine in front of me waiting ….when in reality,it was just an ordinary “ol yaw shange oh(hold your change)” bus..I dashed across the road like Superman not caring about the numerous mad drivers. I didn’t even realize there was heavy traffic, I thought the bus was waiting for just me.I jumped in and waited for the bus to move.Then it occurred to me,that “we don jam hold-up”.

*dbanj stops playing*

I checked the time,and realised I had 20 minutes left to the commencement of the paper.My eyes produced tear fluid…. (Niggas don’t cry,right? ).My eyes were red.I lost hope. Then as I wanted to start with the “Please God let this bus move and I’ll stay away from rap for a week” …the driver started the bus.

*scene changes – Igbo church,I’m Emeka holding a microphone…#testimonyTime *

* now playing – Shut up and drive*

The driver was still making jokes with the conductor,when I yelled at him “shut up AND DRIVE!!! ” . Ok,I lied UOENO. I didn’t yell but I wanted to….. After all the drama,I finally got into the exam hall 5 minutes after commencement.

What happened after that?

I don’t remember as I have this habit of FORMATTING my memory of any semester’s lecture and exam….( J Cole’s lyrics gotta go somewhere right? ).

Thanks for reading and noticing all the gbagauns….drop a comment…. . Vickers ff me @herovickers