VIckers – Your Girl ft Sikar (lyrics)

Be my boo,be your girl
Be my boo,be your girl

[Hook: Sikar]
I can be your girl,you’ll be my boo
I’ll take your heart,take it to the moon
I’ll stay with you,I’ll never leave you
You’ll be my boo,I’ll be your girl

[Verse 1: Vickers]
This is the story of a girl,name was Stephanie
Outspoken girl ’cause she was telling me
First time we met she saw her boyfriend in me
And that she loves me to death,there’s no remedy
And she was hard to resist
Like some free change in front of a broke kleptomaniac
So beautiful it was hard to believe
That her type could chase guys and it made me ask
“What is it that you want from me?”
She said,”Vickers,whenever I’m with you,you make me happy”
But I kept her on the waiting list
And that shit turned her into a maniac,I’m saying that
She was desperate and wasn’t ready to wait
Superglued herself to me,couldn’t separate
And she made sure,whenever she wakes up,she always gives me a call, and she would say


[Verse 2: Vickers]
Months passed and she was still on me
And she would still call me and still promise
That she will love me
Forever ,’cause without me she’ll be nothing
She wouldn’t cheat on me
Breakfast in bed every single morning
And to top this she doesn’t need money
She was like “Victor please,just give me one week
Let’s be together and you’ll screaming ‘More please!!'”
Weeks turned to months,months tuned to years
She got what she wanted ’cause she persevered
I got more than I wanted,to be sincere
Though we had ups and downs like a piston and
We’re not perfect but she’s perfect for me
And she leaving me is all I dread
But really don’t you think this is funny
That it all started out all ’cause she said


[Verse 3: Sikar]
I’ll never leave you boy
I’ll stand beside you boy
With all my heart and my soul
I will be beside you
Your love is like the rainbow (?) my sky
Ooooh my baby



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