The girl from Asa’s “How Did Love Find You”

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The Dreamer Girl said Be My Man
Satan Be Gone replied the Preacher Man
Dead Again tears sprouted from her eyes like a fountain
Even those in the Subway saw the Fire On The Mountain
Her name was Bimpe and she was So Beautiful
Another rejection had sliced her heart into two
The Situation was so tough, she found it hard Moving On
Only time she did, Bamidele , Broda Ole tried to use and run
So she locked her heart away, 360 degrees guarded by a Jailer
But still couldn’t find Peace like Eye Adaba, I don’t blame her
Suddenly , her world lit up
Like the eyes of a Baby Gone in her favourite candy store
Wounded but she met a guy who made her heal
Why Can’t We be together ? That’s just The Way I Feel
She replied , ” OK OK , um Maybe
“Tell me why ’cause No One Knows what you see in me”
Where the world saw flaws, he saw Beautiful Imperfections
He replied with a smile as he answered her Questions
She had a complex ’cause Society was hateful
He taught her to focus on the good and be Grateful
He was her pillow in this life, a Bed Of Stone
Scared to put him on a pedestal ’cause of experiences years ago
Cupid’s arrow had missed her heart,she was fighting for survival
This is the girl from Asa’s How Did Love Find You

One of favourite songs from Asa’s “Bed Of Stone” album is the song “How Did Love Find You” . Every time I listen to it, I try to imagine the story behind the character, what she(the character) must have experienced before thinking she’d never get love and being surprised and scared love found her.
So I made up my story and what better way than to use song titles from Asa’s albums .
Badass, right?

PS: I’ll post MG3 in a few days.




Vread this,

Empty, I feel empty

Attempting to think but the silence is deafening

Left here wondering why my soul left me

It’s best since it was leading me to the damned pit

It’s like I’m in a solitary prison with life sentence

Sitting all day questioning the reason for my existence

Drowning in sorrow while still tryna get my feet wet

Tryin’ to be tight but I’m slacking like cheap T-shirts

Been helpless since I found out that

My soul escaped the one time I poured out my heart

In the quest for the right person, I followed the wrong crowd about

Time had run out, before I could figure what I’m about

I feel empty. That’s all I got. 😦

PS: Monster’s Grief 3 is almost done. Vivid shit!