Monster’s Grief 3

Vread this,

Third time’s a charm, I should be back and better
This is Monster’s Grief 3, but I’m still sad and bitter
I spend my time slaving tryna master this art
Tryna move forward but I’m still at an impasse
Maybe I shouldn’t be so pissed at myself, I still had some victory
‘Cause six months ago, I had neither flow nor delivery
Now, I’m a monster in the former, rhythm? Nobody beating me
But truthfully, delivery’s still eluding me
Plus when I hear the boos it seems, I’m not cut out for this music biz
That’s when I scream look at me, I’m not the wackass I used to be
I’m losing sleep every night tryna push this dream
So tryna bring down my mood will be an effort in futility
Keep on tryna make you believe and I’ll never refuse to speak
So if you getting the hots for my projects, the blog is meant to cool the heat
Some call me an attention seeker with wack lyrics and idle
My first project, that’ll probably be the title
I believe in my crew, hope they believe in me back
To impress you, one minute and I’m through like a one-minute man
At times, I get stuck in some stupid plans
But my fear of failure spark ideas in an instance
My mind is Pakistan , the way ideas explode
Determined as an artisan, tryna get his dough
Upping this delivery to push the envelope
Never let it go, so long as I can learn and grow
Neglected Omega tryna gain the pack’s respect
He’s practised, he’s set , challenge the alpha to a fight to death
But he minds his steps so careful that he can
Climb Everest and after that Eiffel’s next
Where he finds himself, he’s the ugly duckling
But where time is set, he’ll be the tallest ostrich
Plucking off the heads of those causing conflicts
War is coming ’cause of what he must be
I do this ’cause I love it, not just for the profits
Remain undaunted even if the world saw me falling
I’ll start with baby steps like I just stopped crawling
And jet across with a stronger force than ionic bonding
I’m vain, so I’ll never say “Fuck the money!”
Except I’m drunk or something , or I must be hungry
But to dumb it for a club hit , not me
I’ll rather pull my pen like a grenade pin and cause destruction!

MG3, people! Pick what you can from that.