This Right Here’s Not A Preview (Pre Monster’s Grief 5)

This right here is not a preview of MG5 but vread still,

At times I ask myself why should there be an MG5
Fuck it no one is reading maybe I should let it die
Then I realize a lot of these emcees lie
And I’m The Truth like that guy from “Let It Shine”
So it’s beddy bye, I’ll get it right this time to prove I’m next in line
Showing what’s behind the soundproof is what I’m doing every night
I hear these guys say my blog is tight and I’m like “well,it’s aiit ”
But when they say my words touches is when it gets scary right
Rhyming is power, soldiers cower when I grab my pen to write
Military forces get assaulted with such a deadly might
But how you wield this weapon is dependent on your strength of mind
So your lines may not be able to hurt a fly while mine will shoot you dead on sight
But I don’t write to impress you guys, I write ’cause I’m depressed inside
This feeling is intensified and it leaves me incensed at night
And that is why I have to write or else I’ll crash this deadly mind
You don’t know the pain I feel everyday when I sit to pen these rhymes
So don’t think I’m very nice, and you plagiarize ’cause then you’ll die
For once I catch you dead to rights, you can’t evade like Wesley Snipes
Scream hell and cry, no help in sight,tears won’t change the facts like Messi’s height
Look left and right, I’m the best in sight, now get ready for MG5!


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