For Gift


It pains me that the day before, I saw you
And didn’t talk, just walked by, plain ignored you
I wish I had another chance to say goodbye
And turn back the hands of time, nothing that I do can
Hope these syllables can help express my mind
I cried that night but the next I smiled
’cause I know why Heaven wants you : You’re an angel
And there’s greater love at the bosom of He who made you.
For Gift.

The Fear of Broke

swallowed by the shark

I’ve been here before, I recognise the door

Last time around, I almost drowned, I’m sure 

The handle turned, then I stepped out to shore

Before long, mighty waves came along to push me down the sea floor

Drowning, life’s pulling out of me, it’s how I feel when this hunger bites at me

Like the sky’s where my desire is, but down the bottomless pit I’m spiralling 

I can’t see hope, my neck’s tied with ropes to the ruins of the Titanic 

I’m running straight into a brick wall, trying to stop but the wall’s running back at me 

I fear I’ll hit the wall, break my spine and all of my bones will shatter

Or reach the bottom of the sea, where the Great White Sharks are 

I’m panicking like it’s my last meal and I’m on death row about to meet the ropes 

That’s how I felt as I saw the bank alert : “I’m scared of being broke! “

Hi, vreader.

I never planned on posting anything this week but this just came to me after I was about to fall of the edge into another pit of depression. I just had to grab my pen and write this impulsively .

I feel better now. 🙂