Venus in flesh (For Tracy)


As I shield my eyes from the blinding lights brighter than the sun
I caught a glimpse of this illuminating being beyond the horizon
I was so stunned that all the world came to a stop
The earth stopped revolving, crickets stopped chirping , waterfalls did not release a drop
I stood transfixed as a perfect being walked across from me
With a presence so electrifying that I got a shock from it
Her lips glistened like neon lights as it dripped of honey
Her smile cuts deep like Valyrian steel and can make the hardest heart sorry
Her eyes shone like the stars and I got lost in them
Other beings are before me but I do not see them
My sense took leave of me, now I’m beyond reason
Beyond saving, I’ve fallen and my brain’s gone missing
A million metaphors are not enough to describe this lady
Or how she makes the butterflies in my belly go crazy
Be not perplexed as to why I had to script up this verse
‘Cause I see Venus in flesh, whenever I see Tracy
For Tracy #crush ❤

2 thoughts on “Venus in flesh (For Tracy)”

  1. Another nice one. I esp love da rhyming skill. U just made me remember this dude I had a huge crush on back in uni. Anytime I see him it was like he moved in slow motion. I never had d courage to walk up to him to say hi tho so I admired from afar. After final year during clearance we were in d same room and for the first time I heard him speak. Boy was I disappointed. He had this igbotic accent. No wonder, I said to myself he was always quiet


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