Monster’s Grief 5 ( A Ghost’s Story)

I close my eyes and then I pull

It’s a fucking miracle, how long I’d kept my cool

I smile as best as could, trying not to reflect my mood

So people never knew that inside I was dead and blue

What regrets can do, is stronger than acidic chemicals

I sunk deeper every time I climbed on stepping stools

The ground cracked beneath my feet as the weight of my depression grew

All the tension took me to a point, I heard a voice saying “Man, you’re screwed”

I was so down that even with wings, I never flew

Kept my mood in check as these tears ensued

Bottled up so many feelings that I never should

Till my mind exploded, ’cause it was more than I could bear, I’m doomed!

I fear I’m losing it, hands shaking groping for the gun

It’s loaded, my mind’s saying, ” this has to be done…”

“Man, I’m through! “, aimed it at my head with my finger on the trigger

I closed my eyes and then I pulled…





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