The Notion

Hello, happy holidays!

Prior to going back home for a break and getting this sudden wave of ideology (probably due to all the good food that I’ve missed for a while), I’ve always been a firm believer of the concept known as “Positive Pessimism” (I think I coined the concept, wait for my book! LOL Just Kidding…Not!) which is a way of using your vulnerability, insecurities, dark side etc. ( or whatever usually make you feel down or makes you less motivated) to be better , be more motivated and make progress. Its influence can be found in some of my writings, such as “Monster’s Grief 3”

“But my fear of failure spark ideas in an instance”

– and some others.

Positive Pessimism is actually a very real (practical) concept as it does not require you having to get rid of (or pretend to get rid of) the sad, dark, depressed part of yourself. Usually, getting rid of depression is one of the common methods people get motivated to be better than their current situation, but more often than not, it’s all make-believe.

A certain speaker says a bunch of catchy phrases, quotes some book, or a certain man and tell you to believe in yourself, and say it with conviction, SAY IT WITH CONVICTION! You’re in high spirits, you believe it, you’re ready, YOU’RE READY!… until you go home and you meet your old self waiting for you looking at you with that sadistic smile. And what’s next? You have to go back to listen to that speaker so you can always be in that mood again, and you have to repeat that cycle so as always be motivated.

Bottom-line is PP is a longer lasting solution as you’re the one doing the motivation by yourself, for yourself, to yourself.

*sigh* I did not really set out to talk about PP today. But I guess I did anyway.

I think the reason I have the idea in my head is that ever since I could remember I’ve always been a perfectionist (not the fake perfectionist people claim to be) together with the never ending perfect goals, the depression of never being perfect (no matter how close, or no matter how people say how good you are) and the emptiness that comes along with it.

The perfectionist that I am knows that achieving these really high standards is implausible (Thanks, Sheldon!) and it saddens me, and that’s understandable. But most times, this feeling gets transferred to even the small, and very achievable goals and so people see us as pessimists who do not believe anything would ever work. Well, it’s all good.

After this realization, I’ve come to terms to accept, in 2016, a concept I’ve never been able to grasp ever since: HOPE.

So, yeah, for me, 2016 is the year of HOPE, and I hope it is the same for you.

Thanks for reading.





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