Christmas At Home

I woke up to the aroma of frying meat
Stepped in the kitchen, a pretty sight to see
Took a piece of chicken, my face with a smile so sweet
Then devoured it with the tenacity of fighters in Daenerys’ fighting pits
This is what I like to see, dining tables with shining faces
This is home, this is hope, I’m finally able to embrace it
Lil cousin baking that cake, mixing that pastry
Told her when I’m rich, I’ll take her to a thousand places
This is pure happiness, this is honey in a comb
Text messages, phone calls, you can feel the gushing in the tone
Love, doves singing, the Sun blushing with a glow
It’s a classic happy TV show when I spend Christmas at home


For Eniola, lil cuz whose eyes fill mine with hope whenever I look upon them.

Happy holidays!
Spending Christmas at home this year was amazing and overwhelming! I guess it’s because I missed last year’s. It was so overwhelming that I had to write this piece above.
So thanks for reading.
Merry Christmas.


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