I Don’t Know (For The Fiends)

Don’t tell me about rain, I’ve been through the mud
Don’t tell me about pain, I’ve been through it all
My heart shrieked in fear as I saw this evil seed bud
Then an invisible force had me pinned to the wall
Helpless, the poison spread and it got in my eyes
In my throat, I tried to scream but it muffled my cry
As I choked, my nose bled and blood dropped from my eyes
And I know, it’s over the very second I stop to try-
-to hold on, but hold on!
I have been on this journey for so long!
The old ones, they told me to go strong
That I’ll break free eventually,held back by no bond
But I can’t, my strength is failing me
I’m giving up fighting, I’m giving up breaking free
So as I close my eyes, I ask myself if I’ll wake up tomorrow
Or if this is oblivion, I don’t know

Hello vreader, this is for the fiends really. I never planned to write it but I got some people hitting me up saying “Bros, wetin dey happen na? Wey the write-ups ?”. So, here it is, now get off my back (kidding 🙂 )
So, what am I talking about? It’s obvious it is an analogy to a situation you can see coming but you have no control over whatsoever( which I’m sure everyone can relate to). It’s a recurring theme in my write-ups like in The Fear Of Broke.
So vreaders, stay with me, there is a lot more awesome stuff coming.


  • The next post is going to be something about a demon-girl (just a metaphor, relax) or something. Wait for it!
  • Who else notices that I do not curse as (however mildly) as I used to? Not that it means anything, just an observation.

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