Last Dance With Lucy

Sway, my head is wobbling with euphoria
Sway, her gown’s spinning as I glide on the floor with her
Sway, her perfume fills my nostrils with pickle dust
Sway, we move our bodies to the rhythm of our evil lust

My hands on her waist, now it’s going down lower
The ball room is crowded but I only got eyes for her
Sway, music is playing but we’re not moving to it
Sway, we’re dancing to the soundtrack of a post-apocalyptic movie

Sway, like we’re the last people on Earth
Sway, our bodies writhe with the rhythm of birth
Sway, till our souls become one
Sway, in the ritual of the dance of the Moon and the Sun

The sands of time are running out now, we dance fierce as thunder
Writing’s on the wall, our days of swaying are numbered
Sway, ’cause they will not be any other more
Sway, to sway nevermore



Hi vreader. I’m in exam mode and it’s just so boring. So grateful, I’ve got some Jay Electronica sounds to keep me company. Amazing stuff.

So the piece above, is about you having to let go something or someone that has been a big part of your life not because of bad feelings or anything like that but because you know it’s the right thing for you to do. It ties in with my last post, Demon Girl. Actually, this is the prequel.

It’s like you know this is the last time you’ll spend together, so you savour every moment, every second together. It’s a  strong feeling, so strong that I imagined it as a dance in a ball room. I hope you liked it.

Thanks for reading.



  • Game of Thrones starts in a few days. Yay! I hope I can squeeze in some time to write and post the Thrones-themed piece.
  • Lucy is short for Lucifer. And my last post was Demon Girl. Let the conspiracy theories start.

Demon Girl

I miss you but I guess I’m better off with you gone

Crazy how after these months , I haven’t moved on

Your face pops up every time I try to write a new song

But I was in denial, thinking eventually, it’ll cool off


The lust, so lush, the sight of you made my blood rush

But I never knew a curse came along with your touch

Your body oozed sex but you placed on me a hex

That I lost control of myself and I gave in to the flesh


You gave me just a glimpse but now I want the whole view

This hunger is too much now I can’t get enough

It leaves me so worn out like really old shoes

Your meat…is bloody tough , oh little Succubus


Now I’m casting you away , exorcising this bitter sweet

Removing every influence you had over me bit by bit

Removing this darkness before it drags me down to Hell

That is why I yell, “Be gone, oh Demon Girl!”



So hi vreader!

This is the demon girl piece you were waiting for ( again, it’s a metaphor ).

I’ll keep this one short. I got exams coming so… But I’ll pop up here once in a while.

Oh and “Game of Thrones” is finally starting soon ( the one year suspense is annoying ). And that’s my favourite show. You can see the references to the show and the books in my posts ( if you warg and use that eagle eye). I’ll find some time to put up some GoT-related posts up in the few coming weeks.


I just finished reading “Ready Player One” by Ernest Cline. Awesome book. And now I’m obsessed with Easter eggs…which is why I have put one in the piece above too. A Game of Throne Easter egg. If you find it , let me know in the comments or tweet at me.


It’s a season one quote.

King in the North!

No Soft Boys Allowed – Vickers

Hello vreader, you know I rap right? I mean, with the whole rhyming and stuff, it was kind of implied.
Anyway, if you didn’t know, now you do.
I rap as “Vickers” as part of SeezMusic ( a team consisting of Sifon, Pryme, Cobany and Vickers).
We made an EP called “Resurrection” and I am on the track called “No Soft Boys Allowed”.

Listen to the song here and download the EP here, thanks.
These are the lyrics.


[Verse 1: Vickers]
No soft boys allowed where you think you dey
Na wetin your eyes dey find you go see today
Just dey waka dey bounce with your little chain
We don catch you, no dey look people face
Dem no fit help you, na we dey run the streets
N.S.B.A we go show you wetin that warning mean
No chains or sneakers, phones or designer clothes
And if your face nor rugged, my guy go home
Before we daze you, disgrace you, obtain you, you big fool
Cooperate, if we chase you, we go waste you, this pistol
Go burst like pimple, your body go fly like eagle
For hospital, dem no go fit solve your case like hard riddle
I go leave you with this piece of advice
If you see one of my guys, tender everything wen you get
Or everything go red, no peace on this side of town
We screaming aloud, “No Soft Boys Allowed!”

No soft boys allowed, where you think you dey
Na wetin your eyes dey find you go see today
Guy shine your eye, na Warri you dey
And if your face no rugged, you no fit to stay

[Verse 2: Vickers]
No soft boys allowed, na wetin dem tell me
As dem corner me, the very day when I step in
Omo see begging, as I see the pistol
But all the people do like say dem no hear me
E fear me when dem say make I remove my clothes
Point gun for my head, collect my chains, my shoes, my clothes
As I dey look na so, one of them punch my face
Na then e come explain, how dem dey run the place
Say if I want to stay, by force I gotta blend
My face mus’ rugged, I dress like how dem dress
N.S.B.A , e tell me wetin that warning mean
Guys wen fit stab you dey look you till your heart stop to beat
The choice na just to leave or to join the clique
And you go know my choice, man, if you just believe
Say the guy, wen rap for verse one na me
Till I leave the town, I vow, “No Soft Boys Allowed!”

[Verse 3: Vickers]
No soft boys allowed, that’s how the story goes
Don’t be told, it’s kamikaze going home
No sleep, no peace, home is dangerous as lonely roads
Don’t speak to nobody, watch where you’re going to
Cause any minute, you can get it, if you push ’em to the limit
Or two communities fighting, and you get caught in between it
I’m sorry for you, better find something to do
Than to lose your life at the hands of those who have nothing to do
Don’t go out after the curfew, 7 o’clock is midnight
Or a street guy could rob you, shoot you out of spite or in fright
Just giving the insight, these laws run the streets
N.S.B.A, now you know what the warning means
“Am I a street guy? “, well not really
I’m just giving you facts that you can trust to be
And sure it’s me, making them all to scream
Their lungs out, singing “No Soft Boys Allowed! “

[Outro: Sifon]
No Soft Boys Allowed oh
If you waka anyhow, you go see anyhow oh
Vickers! Mario Classique!
Sifon! We live, we live !
Let’s GOOO!


If you feel like annotating, go to Genius.