Demon Girl

I miss you but I guess I’m better off with you gone

Crazy how after these months , I haven’t moved on

Your face pops up every time I try to write a new song

But I was in denial, thinking eventually, it’ll cool off


The lust, so lush, the sight of you made my blood rush

But I never knew a curse came along with your touch

Your body oozed sex but you placed on me a hex

That I lost control of myself and I gave in to the flesh


You gave me just a glimpse but now I want the whole view

This hunger is too much now I can’t get enough

It leaves me so worn out like really old shoes

Your meat…is bloody tough , oh little Succubus


Now I’m casting you away , exorcising this bitter sweet

Removing every influence you had over me bit by bit

Removing this darkness before it drags me down to Hell

That is why I yell, “Be gone, oh Demon Girl!”



So hi vreader!

This is the demon girl piece you were waiting for ( again, it’s a metaphor ).

I’ll keep this one short. I got exams coming so… But I’ll pop up here once in a while.

Oh and “Game of Thrones” is finally starting soon ( the one year suspense is annoying ). And that’s my favourite show. You can see the references to the show and the books in my posts ( if you warg and use that eagle eye). I’ll find some time to put up some GoT-related posts up in the few coming weeks.


I just finished reading “Ready Player One” by Ernest Cline. Awesome book. And now I’m obsessed with Easter eggs…which is why I have put one in the piece above too. A Game of Throne Easter egg. If you find it , let me know in the comments or tweet at me.


It’s a season one quote.

King in the North!


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