Last Dance With Lucy

Sway, my head is wobbling with euphoria
Sway, her gown’s spinning as I glide on the floor with her
Sway, her perfume fills my nostrils with pickle dust
Sway, we move our bodies to the rhythm of our evil lust

My hands on her waist, now it’s going down lower
The ball room is crowded but I only got eyes for her
Sway, music is playing but we’re not moving to it
Sway, we’re dancing to the soundtrack of a post-apocalyptic movie

Sway, like we’re the last people on Earth
Sway, our bodies writhe with the rhythm of birth
Sway, till our souls become one
Sway, in the ritual of the dance of the Moon and the Sun

The sands of time are running out now, we dance fierce as thunder
Writing’s on the wall, our days of swaying are numbered
Sway, ’cause they will not be any other more
Sway, to sway nevermore



Hi vreader. I’m in exam mode and it’s just so boring. So grateful, I’ve got some Jay Electronica sounds to keep me company. Amazing stuff.

So the piece above, is about you having to let go something or someone that has been a big part of your life not because of bad feelings or anything like that but because you know it’s the right thing for you to do. It ties in with my last post, Demon Girl. Actually, this is the prequel.

It’s like you know this is the last time you’ll spend together, so you savour every moment, every second together. It’s a  strong feeling, so strong that I imagined it as a dance in a ball room. I hope you liked it.

Thanks for reading.



  • Game of Thrones starts in a few days. Yay! I hope I can squeeze in some time to write and post the Thrones-themed piece.
  • Lucy is short for Lucifer. And my last post was Demon Girl. Let the conspiracy theories start.

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