Unabridged (with Herovickers and Darmey) – Stereotypes

Hello. I was engaged in an online conversation with Darmey and at a point I think we just flew off the handle and the conversation had us dropping knowledge like it was nuttin’.



Herovickers: On the topic of sterotypes, people should be free to like and not like whatever they wanna

Herovickers: Not every guy must care about football

Darmey: Exactly

Darmey: But no one is responsible for what other people think

Darmey: Anyone can think what they want

Herovickers: Yes that’s true

Herovickers: I feel people should be free-er in their thinking though

Darmey: True

Herovickers: People are scared of going against the grain, scared of being the crazy one

Herovickers: Being weird

Herovickers: To me, it’s okay to be different

Herovickers: Actually sha, I don’t care if people are caged in their thinking or not

Herovickers: It’s like it’s the artiste in me that gives a fuck

Herovickers: That might even be my angle sef

Darmey: I don’t think that’s true

People are scared of going against the grain but not in this situation


About football, I just think people need something to fall back to, they need like a community , something you and almost every other person has in common

Darmey: Something they can call a thing

Darmey: So when they see someone who doesn’t go along, they criticize

Herovickers: Yes and no

Darmey: Remember revega from Silicon Valley, you know what she did was right? ? But people won’t want to do it if they were in that position because it’s not normal

Darmey: The people who do things without caring what others think are the ones who actually change the world

Darmey: Attribute that quote to me please

Darmey: No?

Darmey: Explain

Herovickers: Okay cool

Herovickers: About your quote, it’s true, the Steve Jobs, the Bill Gates, the Leonardo da Vincis

Herovickers: They were different

Herovickers: Now about that yes or no stuff

Herovickers: No because they THINK they want a community of unified football lovers

Herovickers: They do not

Darmey: You mean they want but do not need?

Herovickers: It’s the stereotype that has been set in the first place that makes them THINK they do

Herovickers: This isn’t even about wants and needs

Herovickers: It’s about society making them want something that they do not necessarily WANT

Herovickers: What if I liked another sports, basket ball for example, that would be weird because the society dictates that “IN NIGERIA WE DON’T WATCH BB”

Herovickers: Then I wonder who makes these rules…and why do we follow them

Herovickers: Or something like Nigerians don’t listen to Soul or Rock music…only stupid Olamide raps

Herovickers: Who makes that rule

Herovickers: They are people who want to be different but keep pretending

Herovickers: I support being different TOTALLY…apart from faggotry though

Herovickers: 😀

Darmey: Lol

Darmey: True

Darmey: It’s all true

Darmey: But what about the ones who pretend to be different

Herovickers: Yeah like me pretending to like rock back in my 100 level by playing it loud in my room

Herovickers: Pretending to be different, in my opinion, is okay or should I say still being different

Herovickers: Just you’re being different in a DIFFERENT sort of way

Darmey: But now you actually do understand what you pretended to like now, right?

Darmey: And that is okay?

Herovickers: Exactly let me finish

Herovickers: Pretending to be different usually comes from a need to go against the grain, just that it’s not in you

Herovickers: But you REALLY want to be different from everyone, it means the person is brave enough and is making a conscious effort at standing against the rules and speaking for theyself

Herovickers: Like then I was tired of listening to what everyone listened to…I just had to try to see if I’ll like rock…I didn’t get it then, but I kept on pretending

Herovickers: Because it was a new terrain

Herovickers: Now I understand because you took time to introduce it and explain

Herovickers: Now that I am real with it, the question is : does my current situation now justify my pretence back in my first year?

Darmey: It doesn’t

Darmey: Or does it

Herovickers: Again, yes and no

Herovickers: But really it doesn’t matter until you actually get it

Darmey: Lol

Darmey: I get it now

Darmey: It doesn’t matter

Herovickers: You see

Herovickers: That’s the overall idea

Darmey: All that matters is you went against what was termed “normal”

Herovickers: Exactly

Herovickers: And another thing, it’s not by force to go against the general consensus

Herovickers: But the only problem is doing and thinking like everyone just  BECAUSE that’s what everyone is doing

Herovickers: This chat looks like something that could be a blog article online

Darmey: Lol

Darmey: You could read everything over and try the structure it

Darmey: Maybe post it on your blog

Herovickers: Yeah, or I could leave it as a conversation sef

Herovickers: Take out some things like the stuff about *****

Herovickers: Before she shoots me with her glock

Darmey: Lmao

Darmey: Of course

Herovickers: Except there is no mb😭

Darmey: Lol

Herovickers: But I’ll compose it in a word document

Herovickers: If it turns out nice, we could actually do it more often

Darmey: Yeah, I hope it turns out nice

Herovickers: It will, I’m a beast




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