I keep my face expression-less these days

’cause even a fake smile cannot mask this pain

My train of thoughts moves faster than speed trains

Imagining scenarios when I could have had it changed

Now the cows are home and the milk is spilt

I’m being haunted by demons in my dreams and sleep

I’m at the edge but I’m walking like I don’t see the cliff

Tears about to burst, but I’m struggling to keep it within

Struggling to put it all behind me, but it just keeps springing

My conscience pricks me and my heart begins to bleed

Despair and doubt , they both live with me

I don’t see 3:16 nor do I see reason

Please leave me, I need no more company for this misery

I tell everyone I’m fine but I’m shaken visibly

I’m sinking deep and going down all the way

When I’m tortured by memories of the past that I cannot erase



Hello vreader. I guess we have all been at this point ( and for some more often than others). You just want to be alone and sulk and you shoot “Misery loves company” in the face. You just want to deal with your stuff by yourself.

You wish you could have done things differently or just messed up a life opportunity. You want to tear your hair out and aaaaaaaarrrrGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!! YOU WANNA SCREAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That’s where I was when I wrote this.

Thanks for reading.


  • Still working on the ending posts stuff.
  • Fucking perfectionism!!