Desolate, reprobate,unrepentant renegade
He crash-and-burned from trying to levitate
Hell awaits, death a date, his screams would get to Heaven’s gate
He crash-and-burned from running life at a deadly pace
He crash-and-burned from ignoring that his bed’s in flames
He crash-and-burned and his demons came out to celebrate
He’s ashes now, his demons have no where to stay
What is that big sound? It seems to cause the earth to shake
Next thing the wind starts howling, then it breaks the urn
And the ashes starts floating, then began to turn
The figure rose like Lazarus, the figure rose like the Phoenix
The figure spoke with a fiery tongue, the figure said “It is finished”
This is the account of the villagers who were displaced
Because the figure torched the homes of those who dared to gaze-
-Upon his face. This is true, you do need not a picture to believe
Because Hell spat the man back and the demon who came with the figure was ME.

Unorthodox, Inspiring, 19 | What I Think About Versed’s “Youth N Truth EP”

“Hyperbole will underrate me”
– Versed
Unorthodox, Inspiring, 19-Those are the first three words that came to my mind when I finished my first listen of “Youth N Truth EP” by Versed.
A few weeks prior to the EP release, I had been so stressed out that I discovered I could not write anymore. I had writer’s block. I was aghast. Why that’s relevant is because after I gave the EP its first listen, I got that fire burning inside me again. And now I’m writing.
The EP reminds me of J Cole’s “The Come Up”. I’m talking about how it’s raw and you know the artist(e) is on to something great. That’s how I feel about the EP.
There were a lot of Illmatic references in the EP but this was no Illmatic though. Maybe on the next project. 😉
Now, about the sound, at times it sounds like it’s spoken word, at times it sounds like rap. I think it’s cool. The rhyming and flow does not conform to the formulaic style everyone does these days.
Versed use a lot of scenarios and literary devices (especially similes and metaphors) to convey the ideas behind the songs. It’s like poetry on a hip hop beat, ain’t nothing better than that.
My favourite song is “Myopia”. It was out as a single.
Versed comes across as a very inspired young man who does not care for the rules and would not be deterred by how different his sound is. That’s a quality of people who win in the end.
  • My favourite line :
“Hyperbole will underrate me”
          I hope so. That’s a very very very big brag though.
  • It’s a great debut effort. It’s cool that it does not  come off as preachy (because it has some prophetic vibes on it).
  • I wish Ab-soul’s album would come quicker so I can know that’s what I’m listening to for the rest of the year. But I still can’t get over Rapsody and Ab-soul’s track “2 AM”. Freaking amazing!