I Am Nothing …And So Are You

“Take off the make-up and see what’s under the mask yo”

Hello vreader.

Christmas is in the air. Or is it ? I really don’t see the usual Harmattan over at my side. Where is the Harmattan? Has it been affected by the recession too(too soon?) ? I hope not, so I can get an excuse to wear my new awesome jackets.
The quote above is a lyric from “Angry Young Man” (long story) and even though it’s used in a different context there, it can apply to life too.
Take off the make-up, take off the expensive clothes, take off the watches, take off the hair and hair extensions, take off the shoes, take off the impeccable diction and accents, take off the temperaments and egos, take away the cars, take off the chains, take off the earrings, take them all away. 
Underneath we’re all just the same, naked homosapiens trying to figure out what we’re doing in this planet. Underneath we’re all just dust or tissues, muscles and bones (whichever you believe). Underneath there is no rich, there is no poor. Underneath there is no beautiful, there is no ugly. Underneath there is no successful, there is no unsuccessful.
Underneath it’s just plain. Underneath we’re all like stick figures. Yes, we’re all stick figures.
We think too much of our statuses, our appearance, our properties and the  perceptions of others. We get so caught up in everything that we think we’re above everything. We call ourselves higher animals (Why won’t we say that when we’re the ones who set the standards? ).
think when we start to look inwards and strip off all these extra appendages and glamour that’s when we can realise we’re not really anything and we can start to appreciate the little things.


Vickers out!

Peace and Valar Morghullis! 


  • Yay! I’m writing again!
  • Writer’s block is gone!


What is the opportunity for the youth today
When he’s got a government that never looks his way
When his innovative ideas always get pushed away
And he’s got bills to pay
When the only legal means is gambling and pyramid schemes
When the leaders eyes are closed to his plight, so they sleep on his dream
But they flaunt their wealth on Instagram, and have him fiending for whips
And he’s got bills to pay
When they never listen to her unless she’s in a skimpy dress
When they flex with all the money her pensioner father hasn’t been paid in years
When she’s out of school with no job, she doesn’t know which way is next
And she’s got bills to pay
When the system is corrupt and filled with lawlessness
When the House of Assembly members are throwing chairs
When they only reach out to him to cause election violence
And he’s got bills to pay

Angry Young Man
Hello vreader (*cringe).
I wrote this a while back and I just got around to sharing. I’m just expunging all these thoughts that keep me turning on my bed at night.
I think we (the young people) are being pushed when we don’t have the environment to flourish and be great. And when you push someone to the wall, two things can happen(according to me) : either the person fights back or they jump over you and (seemingly) run away.
You should be more afraid of the latter.
Thanks for reading.