That Year

That year was way better than what we have
My green eyes yearn for the days in stories
Told by my father- Oh I wish we could have
Those days back, we have lost all our glories

The very bright days have turned into gloom
Division by class and tribe is the norm
Corruption built a mansion on this room
So how we do we stand when we face the storm

But the past is gone like a bus you missed
And staring after it only takes away
Your attention from the limo of bliss
The present, the chauffeur of the better day

   So look to the future and don’t backtrack
   Change today – That year is not coming back

– herovickers | Angry Young Man


Hello vreader.

This is a piece for a poetry compilation I entered for (I hope I get selected!) Anyway the real motive of writing this is to consider that even if we have to look back and compare and talk about how things are worse off now ( which I do a lot as Angry Young Man), we also need to look at the present so we don’t get so caught up in the problem that we do not see the solution.
But this does not mean we should not remind ourselves of what we is prevalent (because there are so many distractions) because if we do not, we forget and we cannot even remember where to start fixing the problems from.
Angry Young Man is not the stereotypical rebel who rebels just because ( and like I always say ‘This isn’t politically motivated’) . There is a goal here, and it does not matter if the goal gets fulfilled in our lifetime, the point is we’ll never stop and we’ll keep fighting to the end.

Thanks for reading.


It’s (Not) Just Words

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I’m a badass writer. I know that. I mean, Pryme once called me king of metaphors, so y’know…

Anyway, since I’ve been writing, I have had different reactions to what I write ranging from open appreciation to secret gratitude to nonchalance . And each time I get a reaction whether good or bad, I tend to brush it off as “just words, nothing more.” That they only think it’s clever or powerful because it rhymes or because it is well articulated.

I thought I believed it.

But it really isn’t just words.

It’s everything.

Saying it’s just words is like saying “it’s just E=MC2.”

Words are weapons. Words are malleable and can be shaped into whatever form the writer wants. Check out these lines I wrote on “This Right Here’s Not A Preview(Pre Monster’s Grief 5)” :

“Rhyming is power, soldiers cower when I grab my pen to write
Military forces get assaulted with such a deadly might
But how you wield this weapon is dependent on your strength of mind
So your lines may not be able to hurt a fly while mine will shoot you dead on sight”

– herovickers, This Right Here’s Not A Preview (Pre Monster’s Grief 5)

I see writing as painting where each pattern of rhyme or rhythm is like a palette or shade that has to be correctly arranged to bring out the exact picture in the writer’s mind. And that’s what makes it a dangerous power to have because empires have crumbled and wars have been fought all because of words.

This leaves the writer with a responsibility for whatever interpretation the reader implies from the writing.

More than just a weapon, writing is connected to the writer’s soul. It comes from experiences (imagined or real) or thoughts of the writer. The raw pain, shame, joy, rage, and doubt of the writer is transformed into processed information.

I touched on that also on “This Right Here’s Not A Preview”:

“But I don’t write to impress you guys, I write ’cause I’m depressed inside
This feeling is intensified and it leaves me incensed at night
And that is why I have to write or else I’ll crash this deadly mind
You don’t know the pain I feel everyday when I sit to pen these rhymes”

– herovickers, This Right Here’s Not A Preview (Pre Monster’s Grief 5)

So in a way as powerful as writers are, they are also vulnerable. Every piece of work you put out exposes you to people who judge you by what you write.

And that’s what makes it fun to write.

You can be whoever you want to be.

So it’s never just words. Ever.


My Theory On Punch’s Verse On Ab-Soul’s “Lonely Soul”


Hello vreader.

Whenever I listen to Ab-Soul’s “Do What Thou Wilt.” and it gets to “Lonely Soul” which features Punch, I always rewind and listen again and again to Punch’s verse. And I’ll be writing about what I feel is going on in the verse.

Mind you, this is just my theory and therefore does not replace a verified Genius annotation.

Okay. This might look like reaching but I think Punch was speaking as a wise ancient being who is talking to people in a dystopian future world ( or a time traveller from our timeline who goes to that dystopian future to tell them of how things were back in our present) and how things collapsed and how they ignored his warning about the signs of what is to come.

I’m more likely to believe he was speaking as an ancient being that has seen it all. Or ancient artifact. Basically representing the timeless observer: Time. And I’m very inclined to say that ancient being was The Sphinx of Giza.

I mean The Sphinx has seen it all, having existed since the ancient times is a great metaphor for Time.

And about the future, I think it is a world devoid of love because he said he was a “lonely soul itching for a love that [he’s] once known but [he’s] outgrown it”. He has spent a long time getting used to this dearth and death of love.

He saw the signs though and he knew what was coming because “while this world is caving in  [he’s] living a vacation” and I think he was living a vacation because he knows the secret to survival is love which the album itself hammers a lot on.

He tries to let them know but they do not really listen to him as he used the illustration of  a character he told stuff named Famous and trying “to stall him but I ain’t have no alternative
I told him to think smart, he told me get it how I live” ( Again, major reaching).

He has the infinite wisdom and now he’s telling Soulo and the others about everything.
  • I have so many theories when I listen to music and I think I’ll start writing about them. Meanwhile read other theory post.
  • I’m going to listen to Punch‘s souncloud now and get some other things to write about.


Angry Young Man Origins : Don’t mind me…

Angry Young Man Origins : Don’t mind me… #AngryYoungMan #AYM

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Hello, vreader. Here are the words to the AYM freestyle.

This isn’t motivated by politics
I am angry…young man and this is all I see
On the faces that face this phase that isn’t positive
Unfazed …by the two faces of the lea-ders
They should see that we don’t care ’bout no fiscal policies
That they speak on TV but don’t translate on the streets
We suffer and smile while they keep promising
They said the pain is sweet to bear that was the origin
Of the problem, we don’t ask questions
And when we do, they try to silence us
With brutal force, they bend the law like the Avatar
But these ain’t saviours, just some confused characters
But don’t mind me, I’m just freestyling
The thunderclap is louder, the more the silence
I wear this mask of mine so you can take yours off you
I am Angry Young Man and you should be too

– herovickers | Angry Young Man