The Future 

The future is bright, the future is bleak
I don’t see the path that leads to the peak
I need a miracle, they told me 3:16
How do I believe in Him when I don’t believe in me?

I’m no bird of the air, I think about tomorrow
Oxy-moronic dreamer because reality is filled with sorrow
Acquiring aspirations is auto asphyxiation
When your rise to the top leads to Sisyphus’ situation

In this Stygian under-world of ours that overflows
With broken dreams, and hope it seems never abode
The spear of despair pierce through my soul
When the game is rigged, how do I get to my goal?

But the glint in my father’s eyes when he looks at me with pride
Lights up my heart and shows the path where hope resides
Selflessness lifts off this gloom as if by compulsion
I have no choice in the matter : failure is not an option



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