I wrote this because I was bored (Read this in Nas’ voice)

It started 2012, the day was June 11 and

That was my birthday, I just turned seventeen

I remember standing on the queue for registration

Dad looking on, proud is what I vowed to make him


First year was so much fun, “wow, I’m an undergrad”

Meet Seez and started heating up the underground

Back to books though, ’cause MAT 111 had voluminous assignments

We had sleepless nights because all of the works were piling


Then tests came, we realized that this was no play

School was no fun and games like Nollywood loves to paint

Those were the good days, memories priceless, you can’t buy them

Like when I saw Tracy and my brain lost its allignment


Damn…it was a sunny afternoon

Her hair was blowing in the wind and she was laughing too

“Don’t fall, Vickers, don’t fall”, but I broke like a plastic spoon

Man, crushes and all…okay, okay, back to books


Fast forward, 200 level, the G.P. dropping session

Mechanical courses were heating up the tension

T.D almost cracked my back, waiting for the end like pension

Results “skewed” our brains to the point we invented formation


Then third year came, they said it would be simple

Petroleum terms were so foreign, I thought lecturers spoke in riddles

We were forming “Petrolites” but didn’t know the little-

difference between petroleum and crude oil, we learnt it all with full joy


The mechanical and electrical guys said petroleum was easy

Okay na, wait till you see the calculations in advanced drilling

The correlations & charts… abeg argue with your Fourier Series

400 level was stressful, we were fiending for a release


Got the release the moment I.T. came

Met the good, the bad and the I.T.K.s

Put in that work, man, I did put in that work

It was as sweet as a song by a nightingale


…that was until I heard the news

“Oh God, please this can’t be true!”

Facebook posts saying that we lost Olu

I was in shock and I didn’t know what to do


…but that’s life

Rest in peace to the brothers who ascended past life

It’s a jungle out here, we’re never quitting that fight

Well I.T. ended, and in a blink of an eye, it’s part five


IT defence, project defence

Defence on defence, I’d rather sit on the fence

We were counting the days because our freedom was near

With smiling faces, the joy was too much to bear


Final exams came, our black and yellow jackets would make Khalifa jealous

We poured water, turned the school upside down, nothing they can tell us

This is the result of hard work, zeal and persistence

Three fingers in the air, so…free from the system







So…the title is unconventional. I wanted to name the post either of the two of them but I could not make up my mind.

Read it in Nas’ voice and it’ll make so much sense, it’ll be like Nas’ ‘Memory Lane (Sittin’ in Da Park).

Oh and I was superbored when I wrote it.

This is like what you’d write if your lecturer told you to give a summary of your five years stay in school in 449 words.










I’m writing this post listening to Adele’s 21 because one, symbolism, two, duh. How does it feel to be twenty-one ? I don’t know, it’s just there.

Somehow when I was writing the ‘Before I Turn Twenty’ post, I thought I’d be writing to a bigger audience when I wrote my 21 post. Sorry to my Linda Ikeji-esque dreams.

Back to the topic.

Happy birthday to me, yay!!!!!!!!

Send me gifts, send me money !


Unabridged (with Herovickers and Darmey) – Stereotypes

Hello. I was engaged in an online conversation with Darmey and at a point I think we just flew off the handle and the conversation had us dropping knowledge like it was nuttin’.



Herovickers: On the topic of sterotypes, people should be free to like and not like whatever they wanna

Herovickers: Not every guy must care about football

Darmey: Exactly

Darmey: But no one is responsible for what other people think

Darmey: Anyone can think what they want

Herovickers: Yes that’s true

Herovickers: I feel people should be free-er in their thinking though

Darmey: True

Herovickers: People are scared of going against the grain, scared of being the crazy one

Herovickers: Being weird

Herovickers: To me, it’s okay to be different

Herovickers: Actually sha, I don’t care if people are caged in their thinking or not

Herovickers: It’s like it’s the artiste in me that gives a fuck

Herovickers: That might even be my angle sef

Darmey: I don’t think that’s true

People are scared of going against the grain but not in this situation


About football, I just think people need something to fall back to, they need like a community , something you and almost every other person has in common

Darmey: Something they can call a thing

Darmey: So when they see someone who doesn’t go along, they criticize

Herovickers: Yes and no

Darmey: Remember revega from Silicon Valley, you know what she did was right? ? But people won’t want to do it if they were in that position because it’s not normal

Darmey: The people who do things without caring what others think are the ones who actually change the world

Darmey: Attribute that quote to me please

Darmey: No?

Darmey: Explain

Herovickers: Okay cool

Herovickers: About your quote, it’s true, the Steve Jobs, the Bill Gates, the Leonardo da Vincis

Herovickers: They were different

Herovickers: Now about that yes or no stuff

Herovickers: No because they THINK they want a community of unified football lovers

Herovickers: They do not

Darmey: You mean they want but do not need?

Herovickers: It’s the stereotype that has been set in the first place that makes them THINK they do

Herovickers: This isn’t even about wants and needs

Herovickers: It’s about society making them want something that they do not necessarily WANT

Herovickers: What if I liked another sports, basket ball for example, that would be weird because the society dictates that “IN NIGERIA WE DON’T WATCH BB”

Herovickers: Then I wonder who makes these rules…and why do we follow them

Herovickers: Or something like Nigerians don’t listen to Soul or Rock music…only stupid Olamide raps

Herovickers: Who makes that rule

Herovickers: They are people who want to be different but keep pretending

Herovickers: I support being different TOTALLY…apart from faggotry though

Herovickers: 😀

Darmey: Lol

Darmey: True

Darmey: It’s all true

Darmey: But what about the ones who pretend to be different

Herovickers: Yeah like me pretending to like rock back in my 100 level by playing it loud in my room

Herovickers: Pretending to be different, in my opinion, is okay or should I say still being different

Herovickers: Just you’re being different in a DIFFERENT sort of way

Darmey: But now you actually do understand what you pretended to like now, right?

Darmey: And that is okay?

Herovickers: Exactly let me finish

Herovickers: Pretending to be different usually comes from a need to go against the grain, just that it’s not in you

Herovickers: But you REALLY want to be different from everyone, it means the person is brave enough and is making a conscious effort at standing against the rules and speaking for theyself

Herovickers: Like then I was tired of listening to what everyone listened to…I just had to try to see if I’ll like rock…I didn’t get it then, but I kept on pretending

Herovickers: Because it was a new terrain

Herovickers: Now I understand because you took time to introduce it and explain

Herovickers: Now that I am real with it, the question is : does my current situation now justify my pretence back in my first year?

Darmey: It doesn’t

Darmey: Or does it

Herovickers: Again, yes and no

Herovickers: But really it doesn’t matter until you actually get it

Darmey: Lol

Darmey: I get it now

Darmey: It doesn’t matter

Herovickers: You see

Herovickers: That’s the overall idea

Darmey: All that matters is you went against what was termed “normal”

Herovickers: Exactly

Herovickers: And another thing, it’s not by force to go against the general consensus

Herovickers: But the only problem is doing and thinking like everyone just  BECAUSE that’s what everyone is doing

Herovickers: This chat looks like something that could be a blog article online

Darmey: Lol

Darmey: You could read everything over and try the structure it

Darmey: Maybe post it on your blog

Herovickers: Yeah, or I could leave it as a conversation sef

Herovickers: Take out some things like the stuff about *****

Herovickers: Before she shoots me with her glock

Darmey: Lmao

Darmey: Of course

Herovickers: Except there is no mb😭

Darmey: Lol

Herovickers: But I’ll compose it in a word document

Herovickers: If it turns out nice, we could actually do it more often

Darmey: Yeah, I hope it turns out nice

Herovickers: It will, I’m a beast