I Am My Valentine (Thanks For Asking)

When I look in the mirror, all I see is perfection
Plus a great smile and a ruggedly handsome face
I’m proud of you, in ways to numerous to mention
How you’ve grown with everything in life you face

Don your cape, you’re Superman to me
You’re strong and you’re higher than the rest
The world’s your stage, you’re Fela Kuti
You rock! You’re a star! You shine with so much zest!

Stick out your chest, walk like you own the place
You shine with so much light, the sun blushes and hides
You’re Messi, ’cause you’re going to get that goal you chase
It’s sooner than you think, so forget all this Shuffering…and smile

When I look in the mirror. words are not enough to describe what I find
This might seem narcissistic but I am my Valentine


Yeah, this is not weird at all. Thanks for reading.


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