Monster’s Grief 5 ( A Ghost’s Story)

I close my eyes and then I pull

It’s a fucking miracle, how long I’d kept my cool

I smile as best as could, trying not to reflect my mood

So people never knew that inside I was dead and blue

What regrets can do, is stronger than acidic chemicals

I sunk deeper every time I climbed on stepping stools

The ground cracked beneath my feet as the weight of my depression grew

All the tension took me to a point, I heard a voice saying “Man, you’re screwed”

I was so down that even with wings, I never flew

Kept my mood in check as these tears ensued

Bottled up so many feelings that I never should

Till my mind exploded, ’cause it was more than I could bear, I’m doomed!

I fear I’m losing it, hands shaking groping for the gun

It’s loaded, my mind’s saying, ” this has to be done…”

“Man, I’m through! “, aimed it at my head with my finger on the trigger

I closed my eyes and then I pulled…





Monster’s Grief 4 ( Beauty and the beast)

Hi vreader, here is MG4

I lick my claws, I scratch the wall
Nervous, I’ve never felt like this before
Helpless, cannot talk , my mind’s saying “this is wrong”
This feeling is sweet but a part of me wish it’s gone
I look in the mirror, my reflection I do not recognize
How am I transformed? I was a permanent Mr Hyde
Pity I’m feeling like I lost control of my beasty side
There’s an angel right in front of me, she must be the reason why
Her beauty’s beyond comprehension of the human mind
When I look into her eyes, it feels like I’m in Paradise
Her light shines in my darkness like the moon in a starless night
My own Helen of Troy, her face can make a thousand armies rise
Around her, I do try to speak but words fail me
Her arresting presence detains me with no one to bail me
Kryptonite, she traps my soul with no means of escaping
Hypnotized, she has control, I do whatever she makes me
This is Beauty and the beast, Shrek and Fiona
I was the lonely Omega, now that life is over
The shackles all dropped, I’m free as Noah’s dove
This is what happens when a monster falls in love


“Monster’s Grief 4”, Valentine special.
Thanks to Olu for his contribution. And Stephanie for giving me the inspiration.