Take Me Away (For Mary) 

Take me away
Even for a moment
Take me to that heavenly sanctuary
Where you elope with all your lovers
Take me with you as you jet into the sky
Even though, I’ll be back before it is night  Continue reading “Take Me Away (For Mary) “


Empty (Part 3) – Heavy Dirty Soul 

I feel empty but my soul’s heavy 
Imprisoned with no one to pay my soul’s levy
I tried to push my problems up a vertical slope 
But it crashed down on me and shattered my hope Continue reading “Empty (Part 3) – Heavy Dirty Soul “

Angry Young Man Origins : Don’t mind me…

Angry Young Man Origins : Don’t mind me… #AngryYoungMan #AYM

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Hello, vreader. Here are the words to the AYM freestyle.

This isn’t motivated by politics
I am angry…young man and this is all I see
On the faces that face this phase that isn’t positive
Unfazed …by the two faces of the lea-ders
They should see that we don’t care ’bout no fiscal policies
That they speak on TV but don’t translate on the streets
We suffer and smile while they keep promising
They said the pain is sweet to bear that was the origin
Of the problem, we don’t ask questions
And when we do, they try to silence us
With brutal force, they bend the law like the Avatar
But these ain’t saviours, just some confused characters
But don’t mind me, I’m just freestyling
The thunderclap is louder, the more the silence
I wear this mask of mine so you can take yours off you
I am Angry Young Man and you should be too

– herovickers | Angry Young Man

Swords ‎| To Mr Boots #AngryYoungMan


Mr Boots, you trample on my rights
You tread on my head, then march out of sight
You kick me in the guts when I try to talk
When I gather to rally, you kick at me a rock
But I do not fear you, Boots, you’re just a tool
Nor do I fear the bumbling fool that controls you
I got the people with me, minds sharp as the eagle eye
Step on me now, step on a thousand Samurai

-Angry Young Man


Vive la révolution!


What is the hope for a writer that can’t write?
                                     a giant that can’t fight ?
                                    a lion that can’t bite?
How does he battle the demons on the page
                                    the villagers when they rage
                                    those trying to put him in a cage
He’s defenceless and his soul is empty
                                     they’re going to behead him
                                     the jungle king’s reign will end quick
I fear for him because he’ll lose his mind
I fear for him because he’ll be leaving in a bier
I fear for him because he’ll lose his pride
I fear for him because I see him every day in the mirror


What is the opportunity for the youth today
When he’s got a government that never looks his way
When his innovative ideas always get pushed away
And he’s got bills to pay
When the only legal means is gambling and pyramid schemes
When the leaders eyes are closed to his plight, so they sleep on his dream
But they flaunt their wealth on Instagram, and have him fiending for whips
And he’s got bills to pay
When they never listen to her unless she’s in a skimpy dress
When they flex with all the money her pensioner father hasn’t been paid in years
When she’s out of school with no job, she doesn’t know which way is next
And she’s got bills to pay
When the system is corrupt and filled with lawlessness
When the House of Assembly members are throwing chairs
When they only reach out to him to cause election violence
And he’s got bills to pay

Angry Young Man
Hello vreader (*cringe).
I wrote this a while back and I just got around to sharing. I’m just expunging all these thoughts that keep me turning on my bed at night.
I think we (the young people) are being pushed when we don’t have the environment to flourish and be great. And when you push someone to the wall, two things can happen(according to me) : either the person fights back or they jump over you and (seemingly) run away.
You should be more afraid of the latter.
Thanks for reading.



How can I win the game 
When I have already been defeated 
How can I be saved 
When I don’t wanna be delivered

How can I be sure 
When I still constantly doubt myself 
How can I ignore 
This pain when I hurt myself

How can I believe 
When I am living a lie
How can I leave 
This pain when I cannot say goodbye

How can I repent 
When I’m a sinner by choice 
How can I invent
When my mission is to destroy

I wrote this because I was bored (Read this in Nas’ voice)

It started 2012, the day was June 11 and

That was my birthday, I just turned seventeen

I remember standing on the queue for registration

Dad looking on, proud is what I vowed to make him


First year was so much fun, “wow, I’m an undergrad”

Meet Seez and started heating up the underground

Back to books though, ’cause MAT 111 had voluminous assignments

We had sleepless nights because all of the works were piling


Then tests came, we realized that this was no play

School was no fun and games like Nollywood loves to paint

Those were the good days, memories priceless, you can’t buy them

Like when I saw Tracy and my brain lost its allignment


Damn…it was a sunny afternoon

Her hair was blowing in the wind and she was laughing too

“Don’t fall, Vickers, don’t fall”, but I broke like a plastic spoon

Man, crushes and all…okay, okay, back to books


Fast forward, 200 level, the G.P. dropping session

Mechanical courses were heating up the tension

T.D almost cracked my back, waiting for the end like pension

Results “skewed” our brains to the point we invented formation


Then third year came, they said it would be simple

Petroleum terms were so foreign, I thought lecturers spoke in riddles

We were forming “Petrolites” but didn’t know the little-

difference between petroleum and crude oil, we learnt it all with full joy


The mechanical and electrical guys said petroleum was easy

Okay na, wait till you see the calculations in advanced drilling

The correlations & charts… abeg argue with your Fourier Series

400 level was stressful, we were fiending for a release


Got the release the moment I.T. came

Met the good, the bad and the I.T.K.s

Put in that work, man, I did put in that work

It was as sweet as a song by a nightingale


…that was until I heard the news

“Oh God, please this can’t be true!”

Facebook posts saying that we lost Olu

I was in shock and I didn’t know what to do


…but that’s life

Rest in peace to the brothers who ascended past life

It’s a jungle out here, we’re never quitting that fight

Well I.T. ended, and in a blink of an eye, it’s part five


IT defence, project defence

Defence on defence, I’d rather sit on the fence

We were counting the days because our freedom was near

With smiling faces, the joy was too much to bear


Final exams came, our black and yellow jackets would make Khalifa jealous

We poured water, turned the school upside down, nothing they can tell us

This is the result of hard work, zeal and persistence

Three fingers in the air, so…free from the system







So…the title is unconventional. I wanted to name the post either of the two of them but I could not make up my mind.

Read it in Nas’ voice and it’ll make so much sense, it’ll be like Nas’ ‘Memory Lane (Sittin’ in Da Park).

Oh and I was superbored when I wrote it.

This is like what you’d write if your lecturer told you to give a summary of your five years stay in school in 449 words.











I wish you would stop the violence

I know it’s instincts, I wish you could stop to rile them

Open your eyes, your blindness is the cause of these wildness

See the blood flowing, the land is now Nile red

I know it’s the Wild West, I know it’s the Dirty South

But I’m tired of wondering if I’m next, I gotta tell you now

Yeah, I’m well aware of how the system here has let you down

But that’s no excuse to run around causing unrest like a headless hound

Yeah, I said ‘headless’, ’cause it’s like you don’t think

Look at the mother crying, eyes never drying, is this all you gon’ bring-

-to the world? It saddens me when I see you on the streets

It saddens me more when I see you handcuffed on the screen

I wish you would stop the violence

The sky is wide enough for anyone who attempts to fly in

Put down the piece, raise up the peace

I really wish you would stop the violence





For Bundie


It started small and it grew before my eyes

Grew as big as the sun as it shone blinding bright

But the light didn’t hurt as I looked it eye to eye

It’s soothing as warm milk and up my face crept up a smile

And suddenly my entire world lit up

The darkness all around me melted on the floor

A small still voice spoke, so calm it could calm a storm

I turned around and I couldn’t believe what I saw

A fairy flapping her wings and she told me her name

It was Abundance, and at that moment, my pain went up in flames

She spoke but a few words and it echoed through the cave

She spoke but a few words and they hit me like a wave.

She was the light.

She is the light.




This is for Abundance.