“But I Am No Better” –  Why Bas Is My New Favourite Rapper 

It must have the fifth listen or the tenth listen, I don’t know; Bas  “Too High To Riot”  track from the “Too High To Riot” album was playing and Bas dope flow had me nodding my head, vibing as Bas cursed out “all the leaders that’s too high off power” and do dirt in hiding ; then he said “But I am no better” and everything quieted down.

And the words kept echoing in my mind for the next hour while the album played in the background.  Continue reading ““But I Am No Better” –  Why Bas Is My New Favourite Rapper “


My Theory On Punch’s Verse On Ab-Soul’s “Lonely Soul”


Hello vreader.

Whenever I listen to Ab-Soul’s “Do What Thou Wilt.” and it gets to “Lonely Soul” which features Punch, I always rewind and listen again and again to Punch’s verse. And I’ll be writing about what I feel is going on in the verse.

Mind you, this is just my theory and therefore does not replace a verified Genius annotation.

Okay. This might look like reaching but I think Punch was speaking as a wise ancient being who is talking to people in a dystopian future world ( or a time traveller from our timeline who goes to that dystopian future to tell them of how things were back in our present) and how things collapsed and how they ignored his warning about the signs of what is to come.

I’m more likely to believe he was speaking as an ancient being that has seen it all. Or ancient artifact. Basically representing the timeless observer: Time. And I’m very inclined to say that ancient being was The Sphinx of Giza.

I mean The Sphinx has seen it all, having existed since the ancient times is a great metaphor for Time.

And about the future, I think it is a world devoid of love because he said he was a “lonely soul itching for a love that [he’s] once known but [he’s] outgrown it”. He has spent a long time getting used to this dearth and death of love.

He saw the signs though and he knew what was coming because “while this world is caving in  [he’s] living a vacation” and I think he was living a vacation because he knows the secret to survival is love which the album itself hammers a lot on.

He tries to let them know but they do not really listen to him as he used the illustration of  a character he told stuff named Famous and trying “to stall him but I ain’t have no alternative
I told him to think smart, he told me get it how I live” ( Again, major reaching).

He has the infinite wisdom and now he’s telling Soulo and the others about everything.
  • I have so many theories when I listen to music and I think I’ll start writing about them. Meanwhile read other theory post.
  • I’m going to listen to Punch‘s souncloud now and get some other things to write about.


No Soft Boys Allowed – Vickers

Hello vreader, you know I rap right? I mean, with the whole rhyming and stuff, it was kind of implied.
Anyway, if you didn’t know, now you do.
I rap as “Vickers” as part of SeezMusic ( a team consisting of Sifon, Pryme, Cobany and Vickers).
We made an EP called “Resurrection” and I am on the track called “No Soft Boys Allowed”.

Listen to the song here and download the EP here, thanks.
These are the lyrics.


[Verse 1: Vickers]
No soft boys allowed where you think you dey
Na wetin your eyes dey find you go see today
Just dey waka dey bounce with your little chain
We don catch you, no dey look people face
Dem no fit help you, na we dey run the streets
N.S.B.A we go show you wetin that warning mean
No chains or sneakers, phones or designer clothes
And if your face nor rugged, my guy go home
Before we daze you, disgrace you, obtain you, you big fool
Cooperate, if we chase you, we go waste you, this pistol
Go burst like pimple, your body go fly like eagle
For hospital, dem no go fit solve your case like hard riddle
I go leave you with this piece of advice
If you see one of my guys, tender everything wen you get
Or everything go red, no peace on this side of town
We screaming aloud, “No Soft Boys Allowed!”

No soft boys allowed, where you think you dey
Na wetin your eyes dey find you go see today
Guy shine your eye, na Warri you dey
And if your face no rugged, you no fit to stay

[Verse 2: Vickers]
No soft boys allowed, na wetin dem tell me
As dem corner me, the very day when I step in
Omo see begging, as I see the pistol
But all the people do like say dem no hear me
E fear me when dem say make I remove my clothes
Point gun for my head, collect my chains, my shoes, my clothes
As I dey look na so, one of them punch my face
Na then e come explain, how dem dey run the place
Say if I want to stay, by force I gotta blend
My face mus’ rugged, I dress like how dem dress
N.S.B.A , e tell me wetin that warning mean
Guys wen fit stab you dey look you till your heart stop to beat
The choice na just to leave or to join the clique
And you go know my choice, man, if you just believe
Say the guy, wen rap for verse one na me
Till I leave the town, I vow, “No Soft Boys Allowed!”

[Verse 3: Vickers]
No soft boys allowed, that’s how the story goes
Don’t be told, it’s kamikaze going home
No sleep, no peace, home is dangerous as lonely roads
Don’t speak to nobody, watch where you’re going to
Cause any minute, you can get it, if you push ’em to the limit
Or two communities fighting, and you get caught in between it
I’m sorry for you, better find something to do
Than to lose your life at the hands of those who have nothing to do
Don’t go out after the curfew, 7 o’clock is midnight
Or a street guy could rob you, shoot you out of spite or in fright
Just giving the insight, these laws run the streets
N.S.B.A, now you know what the warning means
“Am I a street guy? “, well not really
I’m just giving you facts that you can trust to be
And sure it’s me, making them all to scream
Their lungs out, singing “No Soft Boys Allowed! “

[Outro: Sifon]
No Soft Boys Allowed oh
If you waka anyhow, you go see anyhow oh
Vickers! Mario Classique!
Sifon! We live, we live !
Let’s GOOO!


If you feel like annotating, go to Genius.