Love Addict Anonymous

We toy with fire but we cant feel the burns
Our minds have tripped and have not returned
We’re trapped in a spell of our volition
Nothing seems realer than this simulation Continue reading “Love Addict Anonymous”


The Strongest Ones Among Us

Have some empathy for the shaky hands and roaming minds
Trying to get the next hit to get by these lonely nights Continue reading “The Strongest Ones Among Us”

“But I Am No Better” –  Why Bas Is My New Favourite Rapper 

It must have the fifth listen or the tenth listen, I don’t know; Bas  “Too High To Riot”  track from the “Too High To Riot” album was playing and Bas dope flow had me nodding my head, vibing as Bas cursed out “all the leaders that’s too high off power” and do dirt in hiding ; then he said “But I am no better” and everything quieted down.

And the words kept echoing in my mind for the next hour while the album played in the background.  Continue reading ““But I Am No Better” –  Why Bas Is My New Favourite Rapper “

No backseat driving, please. 


​“Would you look over Picasso’s shoulder
And tell him about his brush strokes?”

-Dr. Dre, Deep Water

Hello, I started off the post with the above lyric from Dr. Dre because I don’t think it could have been said better than that.

People giving unsolicited opinions is one situation that cannot be avoided when one makes art and the issue of where to draw the line is always going to pop up at different times of one’s journey as an artist. Continue reading “No backseat driving, please. “