Angry Young Man Origins : Don’t mind me…

Angry Young Man Origins : Don’t mind me… #AngryYoungMan #AYM

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Hello, vreader. Here are the words to the AYM freestyle.

This isn’t motivated by politics
I am angry…young man and this is all I see
On the faces that face this phase that isn’t positive
Unfazed …by the two faces of the lea-ders
They should see that we don’t care ’bout no fiscal policies
That they speak on TV but don’t translate on the streets
We suffer and smile while they keep promising
They said the pain is sweet to bear that was the origin
Of the problem, we don’t ask questions
And when we do, they try to silence us
With brutal force, they bend the law like the Avatar
But these ain’t saviours, just some confused characters
But don’t mind me, I’m just freestyling
The thunderclap is louder, the more the silence
I wear this mask of mine so you can take yours off you
I am Angry Young Man and you should be too

– herovickers | Angry Young Man


No Soft Boys Allowed – Vickers

Hello vreader, you know I rap right? I mean, with the whole rhyming and stuff, it was kind of implied.
Anyway, if you didn’t know, now you do.
I rap as “Vickers” as part of SeezMusic ( a team consisting of Sifon, Pryme, Cobany and Vickers).
We made an EP called “Resurrection” and I am on the track called “No Soft Boys Allowed”.

Listen to the song here and download the EP here, thanks.
These are the lyrics.


[Verse 1: Vickers]
No soft boys allowed where you think you dey
Na wetin your eyes dey find you go see today
Just dey waka dey bounce with your little chain
We don catch you, no dey look people face
Dem no fit help you, na we dey run the streets
N.S.B.A we go show you wetin that warning mean
No chains or sneakers, phones or designer clothes
And if your face nor rugged, my guy go home
Before we daze you, disgrace you, obtain you, you big fool
Cooperate, if we chase you, we go waste you, this pistol
Go burst like pimple, your body go fly like eagle
For hospital, dem no go fit solve your case like hard riddle
I go leave you with this piece of advice
If you see one of my guys, tender everything wen you get
Or everything go red, no peace on this side of town
We screaming aloud, “No Soft Boys Allowed!”

No soft boys allowed, where you think you dey
Na wetin your eyes dey find you go see today
Guy shine your eye, na Warri you dey
And if your face no rugged, you no fit to stay

[Verse 2: Vickers]
No soft boys allowed, na wetin dem tell me
As dem corner me, the very day when I step in
Omo see begging, as I see the pistol
But all the people do like say dem no hear me
E fear me when dem say make I remove my clothes
Point gun for my head, collect my chains, my shoes, my clothes
As I dey look na so, one of them punch my face
Na then e come explain, how dem dey run the place
Say if I want to stay, by force I gotta blend
My face mus’ rugged, I dress like how dem dress
N.S.B.A , e tell me wetin that warning mean
Guys wen fit stab you dey look you till your heart stop to beat
The choice na just to leave or to join the clique
And you go know my choice, man, if you just believe
Say the guy, wen rap for verse one na me
Till I leave the town, I vow, “No Soft Boys Allowed!”

[Verse 3: Vickers]
No soft boys allowed, that’s how the story goes
Don’t be told, it’s kamikaze going home
No sleep, no peace, home is dangerous as lonely roads
Don’t speak to nobody, watch where you’re going to
Cause any minute, you can get it, if you push ’em to the limit
Or two communities fighting, and you get caught in between it
I’m sorry for you, better find something to do
Than to lose your life at the hands of those who have nothing to do
Don’t go out after the curfew, 7 o’clock is midnight
Or a street guy could rob you, shoot you out of spite or in fright
Just giving the insight, these laws run the streets
N.S.B.A, now you know what the warning means
“Am I a street guy? “, well not really
I’m just giving you facts that you can trust to be
And sure it’s me, making them all to scream
Their lungs out, singing “No Soft Boys Allowed! “

[Outro: Sifon]
No Soft Boys Allowed oh
If you waka anyhow, you go see anyhow oh
Vickers! Mario Classique!
Sifon! We live, we live !
Let’s GOOO!


If you feel like annotating, go to Genius.

I Don’t Know (For The Fiends)

Don’t tell me about rain, I’ve been through the mud
Don’t tell me about pain, I’ve been through it all
My heart shrieked in fear as I saw this evil seed bud
Then an invisible force had me pinned to the wall
Helpless, the poison spread and it got in my eyes
In my throat, I tried to scream but it muffled my cry
As I choked, my nose bled and blood dropped from my eyes
And I know, it’s over the very second I stop to try-
-to hold on, but hold on!
I have been on this journey for so long!
The old ones, they told me to go strong
That I’ll break free eventually,held back by no bond
But I can’t, my strength is failing me
I’m giving up fighting, I’m giving up breaking free
So as I close my eyes, I ask myself if I’ll wake up tomorrow
Or if this is oblivion, I don’t know

Hello vreader, this is for the fiends really. I never planned to write it but I got some people hitting me up saying “Bros, wetin dey happen na? Wey the write-ups ?”. So, here it is, now get off my back (kidding 🙂 )
So, what am I talking about? It’s obvious it is an analogy to a situation you can see coming but you have no control over whatsoever( which I’m sure everyone can relate to). It’s a recurring theme in my write-ups like in The Fear Of Broke.
So vreaders, stay with me, there is a lot more awesome stuff coming.


  • The next post is going to be something about a demon-girl (just a metaphor, relax) or something. Wait for it!
  • Who else notices that I do not curse as (however mildly) as I used to? Not that it means anything, just an observation.

Monster’s Grief 5 ( A Ghost’s Story)

I close my eyes and then I pull

It’s a fucking miracle, how long I’d kept my cool

I smile as best as could, trying not to reflect my mood

So people never knew that inside I was dead and blue

What regrets can do, is stronger than acidic chemicals

I sunk deeper every time I climbed on stepping stools

The ground cracked beneath my feet as the weight of my depression grew

All the tension took me to a point, I heard a voice saying “Man, you’re screwed”

I was so down that even with wings, I never flew

Kept my mood in check as these tears ensued

Bottled up so many feelings that I never should

Till my mind exploded, ’cause it was more than I could bear, I’m doomed!

I fear I’m losing it, hands shaking groping for the gun

It’s loaded, my mind’s saying, ” this has to be done…”

“Man, I’m through! “, aimed it at my head with my finger on the trigger

I closed my eyes and then I pulled…