My Theory On Punch’s Verse On Ab-Soul’s “Lonely Soul”


Hello vreader.

Whenever I listen to Ab-Soul’s “Do What Thou Wilt.” and it gets to “Lonely Soul” which features Punch, I always rewind and listen again and again to Punch’s verse. And I’ll be writing about what I feel is going on in the verse.

Mind you, this is just my theory and therefore does not replace a verified Genius annotation.

Okay. This might look like reaching but I think Punch was speaking as a wise ancient being who is talking to people in a dystopian future world ( or a time traveller from our timeline who goes to that dystopian future to tell them of how things were back in our present) and how things collapsed and how they ignored his warning about the signs of what is to come.

I’m more likely to believe he was speaking as an ancient being that has seen it all. Or ancient artifact. Basically representing the timeless observer: Time. And I’m very inclined to say that ancient being was The Sphinx of Giza.

I mean The Sphinx has seen it all, having existed since the ancient times is a great metaphor for Time.

And about the future, I think it is a world devoid of love because he said he was a “lonely soul itching for a love that [he’s] once known but [he’s] outgrown it”. He has spent a long time getting used to this dearth and death of love.

He saw the signs though and he knew what was coming because “while this world is caving in  [he’s] living a vacation” and I think he was living a vacation because he knows the secret to survival is love which the album itself hammers a lot on.

He tries to let them know but they do not really listen to him as he used the illustration of  a character he told stuff named Famous and trying “to stall him but I ain’t have no alternative
I told him to think smart, he told me get it how I live” ( Again, major reaching).

He has the infinite wisdom and now he’s telling Soulo and the others about everything.
  • I have so many theories when I listen to music and I think I’ll start writing about them. Meanwhile read other theory post.
  • I’m going to listen to Punch‘s souncloud now and get some other things to write about.